Mozilla Rolls Out Thunderbird 11 and Firefox 11

As internet browsers keep on competing for the top position in the web browser market, Mozilla released an update to Firefox recently to include a new element.

Reported earlier this week by Mozilla on their official blog, Firefox 11 released to people and added an upgrade to the add-on syncing tool.

Although Firefox has presented syncing of bookmarks, preferences, open tabs, page history, and passwords between pc’s when linked with one account, Firefox users still needs to download again the add-ons on other computers. But if Firefox 11 is installed on a new computer, the software will immediately download all add-ons associated with the account and automatically install the application. If users don’t desire to synchronize add-ons between a personal pc and a work computer, this choice could be managed within Firefox’s preference panel.

While add-on syncing is the primary feature add-on for common users, Mozilla as well included new development tools like Page Inspector 3D View. Utilizing WebGL-based visual images, this enables developers to enhance understanding how a website is set up. Mozilla as well added a brand new Style Editor tool that will allow designers or programmers to edit CSS stylesheets just like a text editor to see changes immediately. Developers can easily test modifications to how a website looks using the Style Editor and then make alterations for clients right away. In relation to future improvements, Mozilla reported that Firefox 13 includes silent updates, a function that will add new updates without disturbing the consumer.

Mozilla as well released Thunderbird 11 this week, an email substitute for Microsoft Outlook.