Myanmar is Recommended to Have Fair Elections

The ASEAN foreign ministers offered Myanmar to have free and fair elections. This suggestion was uncommon for the Association to voice out because it has been accused of overlooking the rights of its member nations.

The Association held its annual meeting, Tuesday, at Hanoi, Vietnam, where they tackled about various agenda. The foreign ministers of the 10-member Association started their meeting with the setting up of European-style economic community by the year 2015. They ended up with the agenda of strengthening the ties with the West powers of China, Japan and India.

During the dinner of the said annual meeting, the Myanmar representative came up on stage and addressed to the Association their coming elections. The election will be happening this year, but they did not give an exact date of the said elections.

Representatives from other member nations suggested that Myanmar should undergo “free, fair and inclusive” elections. It is uncommon for the Association to express their comments with regard to such kinds of agenda because the ASEAN members have a policy to not interfere one another’s domestic affairs.

In a joint statement of the ASEAN members, they have repeated their call for Myanmar to have a “fair, free and inclusive” election. According to reports, Nyan Win, the Foreign Minister of Myanmar, agreed to inform the ASEAN members if the Myanmar government will accept their offer to help in the said election.