NASA’s Final Shuttle Flight will be Accompanied by Original Wake-up Songs

NASA is welcoming people internationally to partake in Space Rock by writing awakening songs for the astronauts or purely voting for a preceding awakening song through the absolute space shuttle flights approaching.  On the other hand, you could upload your name and photo and NASA will place it on one of the residual space shuttle missions and open it into course.

NASA assignments have made use of awakening songs from the time when the Apollo program started. These footages are the real metallic wakeups, with discussion afterwards choice from an easy welcoming from Mission Control to a 2003 Columbia assignment in which pilot Willie McCool, who asked for John Lennon’s Imagine, prepared a dialogue which was instantly interpreted into Hebrew by Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon, a Colonel in the Israeli Air Force.

The two songs with the majority votes from earlier assignments will be played again for the final scheduled flight of space shuttle Discovery, programmed to start on November 1.

NASA’s Final Shuttle Flight

You can look around the occupied songs independently and make your choice at NASA’s Top 40, with relatives to every mission the song was utilized on, or immediately look into the songs in a play list (here you be able to miss out in front to presently listen to the barter among an astronaut and Mission Control, if you are a olden times buff.)

It is as well glancing for your creative song by January 10, 2011, to be played on the final space shuttle mission, to be flown by Endeavour, at right, starting Feb. 26 next year.

Admission will be monitored by our NASA board. The pinnacle admission will then be placed on this website for a community election early on February 8, 2011.

The two songs with the majority votes will be proclaimed and participated throughout the STS-134 mission programmed to open on February 26, 2011.

The inventive Wakeup Song Instructions and Contest Policies consist of these procedures:

The decisive factor and characteristics in judging songs in NASA which to be preliminarily chosen as finalists comprise, however will not be restricted to:  Relation to or suggestiveness of individual spaceflight; memorable or enduring feeling of the song; innovation; and in general excellence of the song.

So far, there are 125 people have submitted songs throughout the world.

If you would like to be a component of the mission in an effective way, fly Your Face in Space. Just 194 Rhode Island faces are contributed so far.
You have to be 13 years of age in order to participate; younger children’s photos could only be uploaded by a parent or official guardian.

Willie McCool