NASA Launches the International Space Station on Fourth of July

International Space Station on Fourth of JulyThe International Space Station will be making a series of night passes all over the US this Fourth of July.

The space station could be visible to anybody who knows where to locate it in the sky.

Right now, it is a home to Satoshi Furuwaka, Mike Fossum, Ron Garan, Alexander Samokutyaev, Sergei Volkov and Andrey Borisenko (Commander), all coming from different countries like Japan, Russia and the United States.

NASA proclaimed that they will launch its ultimate historic flight for the space shuttle program on July 8.  There are four astronauts who are ready for the flight to bring supplies and spare parts to the space station.  They were situated under quarantine on Friday to protect illness and more contact to some harmful germs, according to NASA.

The team of the 12-day mission to the space station will appear at Kenney Space Center of NASA launch site in Florida on July 4.

Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator, said that NASA prepares to concentrate on larger projects like sending humans to Mars.

Bolden clued that two latest NASA programs in the works will finally “open up the entire solar system to us” throughout a luncheon at the National Press Club Friday.