NASA Plans to Launch Discovery on February 24

NASA is striving to decide whether a Feb. 24 start on chance may turn out to be accessible for shuttle Discovery.

An automatic European space freighter would require harboring at the space place a small number of days prior than designed to apparent the way for a Feb. 24 shuttle launch. Detonation time that day would be aimed for 4:50 in the afternoon.

The six astronauts and Discovery were scheduled to explode off to the station in November, although inspectors discovered little breaks in support beams that bond the higher and lesser sections of the 15-story outside tank of the shuttle.

Technicians nowadays are supporting 32 of the 108 so-called “stringers,” which both are 21 feet long.

NASA had been aiming an open window among Feb. 3 and 10, although administrators chosen Thursday that the entire patch up work, analysis and testing may perhaps not be finished in time.

discovery shuttle launching(photo credit: theregister)

The subsequently specific accessible chance is a seven-day window that releases Feb. 27, if not modifies might be completed to the schedule of European cargo carrier. The Automated Transfer Vehicle, named “Johannes Kepler,” is planned to open Feb. 15 on board an Ariane V rocket at Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana in South America.

Sequences of drills are planned throughout the appointment of the spacecraft with the station, as well as an examination of a smash evasion maneuver.

Mission administrators are demanding to decide whether the timeline for the on-orbit tests be able to be compacted. A harboring on Feb. 23 would apparent the method for shuttle Discovery to open on Feb. 24.

Senior administrators of NASA, in the meantime, will gather Monday to make a decision whether extra support beam alterations are necessary to make sure the exterior tank of shuttle is secure to fly.

Possible start on dates will be talked about on Thursday at a program review board meeting.