Native PDF Reader and Immersive UI for Windows 8

Microsoft appears to be providing a plan overhaul to its next major operating system Windows 8. We reported two days ago regarding the screenshots of Windows 8 built by Windows platform hacker Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott, Windows IT Pro News Editor.   It’s rather obvious that Microsoft is testing with the execution of Metro User Interface intend language from the primary screenshots.  At present the latest screenshots posted at Within Windows Blog show of Rivera that Microsoft will have a native PDF Reader and some other applications counting Internet Explorer with latest Immersive UI.

Although we have developed with Windows 7 Service Pack 1 update, sneak glance to Windows 8 features have started humiliating on the interwebs. Rivera has posted latest screenshots of Internet Explorer intended to work in full screen and shows tile based Metro user border insinuations. The Internet Explorer is expected to work in full screen and shows browser history in the form of tiles. The Windows 8 UI is termed as Immersive and looks like it’s hard to unlock for performing some checks or changes. This latest Immersive UI is aimed at tablets and mobile phones.

Microsoft has several issues applying Adobe Reader as a feature in Office 2007 and therefore it was presented to download as a take apart add-on.  We also know how many times Adobe Reader has been targeted for some attacks to multiply infection in a PC. To prevail over that issue, Microsoft would be adding together its own PDF Portable Document Format (PDF) called as Modern Reader in Windows 8.

This native PDF Reader will be a component of new application of Microsoft package model codenamed Jupiter and the developers would be competent to make Silverlight Apps for Windows App Store of Microsoft. These Native App Packages will have .AppX application expansion and would be precisely similar to how Apple is giving digital download of Apps and software from its Mac App Store.

Microsoft is lessening the trouble of Windows Phone developers to balance their WP Apps with the Windows 8 platform and purpose flawlessly. The native PDF reader in Windows 8 is presently called as Modern Reader and has Metro UI all over it.

We hear Steve Jobs, Apple CEO Steve Jobs praising the iOS gadgets and Mac OS X to be supernatural and phenomenal products. Microsoft would be deeply utilizing Immersive and Modern terms for telling the latest Metro design language execution in Windows 8.

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