EA Releases Need for Speed Most Wanted U

Electronic Arts has finally launched the latest version of the most popular racing game in the world, the Need for Speed Most Wanted U. Developed by Criterion Games, the racing game was more improved specially for the Nintendo Wii U – this maybe the reason they called it Need for Speed Most Wanted U.

NFS Most Wanted U has great features making it even more interactive and social rather than just simply playing the game. The game also takes advantage of the console’s touchscreen Gamepad controller which is quite interesting and appealing for other gamers. In the Nintendo Wii U, players can play together locally through a co-op mode which is called Co-Driver in the game. One player using the Wii Remote could be the driver and the one using the GamePad could be the Co-Driver.

The Co-Driver will be the navigator and will provide assistance to the driver by using the interactive real-time map in the GamePad. The Co-Driver will also distract the pursuing police and activate the enhancements installed in their car. The player can also switch to other car right away using the touchscreen controller.

need for speed most wanted U
One of the good feature that the Nintendo Wii U console  has is that players can continue playing in the touchscreen controller when the big screen is off or turned off. Like the other versions of Need for Speed, purchasing the game will come with an Ultimate Speed Pack expansion with free extremely fast cars. The retail price of the game is $59.99 but if you purchase the game via Origin for Wii U, Electronic Arts will give you the game for $29.99.