New App Released by Facebook

Just recently, Facebook has released a little surprise for the holidays with a new messaging application they referred as “Poke.”

The app’s name is a play off of the “Poke” function on Facebook. It has always been the social network’s way of sending a digital wave. And now, through using this app, users can send a lot of greetings — may it be a text message, quick video, or a photo.

This new app, as it was speculated, is just alike with the Snapchat service, wherein it allows the users to send real-time messages that are only available for a few seconds. With Poke, the users can send messages to groups or individual users that can be seen until ten seconds.

Ever since its launch last year, Snapchat has grown its popularity. Last week it has reported that it is expecting over fifty million messages flow through its site daily. However, because the messages are seen quickly, there are many users who are keep on sending inappropriate messages.

Currently, the Poke app is available on iPhone, which can be downloaded for free.

Poke adds up to the growing portfolio of Facebook’s mobile apps, which includes Facebook camera, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. Faceboook also has been very focused on the improvement of its quality on its main applications, as well as the company’s current released native versions of the app for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS.


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  1. January 10, 2013 at 10:04 am

    Facebook is becoming a most usable social media sites.Facebook provides so many facilities to their user like chat,share video,post anything.And now facebook released a new application.It sounds good.People will really enjoy it.

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