New Apple TV not a reality yet, talks with media and cable companies on process

Engineers from Apple Inc. have been working very hard ever since year 2005 in reinventing television viewing. Planning and designing to create the gadget may provide evidence that it’s much easier than persuading cable and media companies to slacken off their grasp on the TV business.

This situation is nothing new to the Cupertino-based company. During the time when they were still on the process of making iPhones and iPods, they also went the same struggle, bargaining with the fractured wireless business and weakened record labels. However, when the gadgets were on the market, stakes became higher, making the competition even much tougher for the mobile industry.

Apple is considered to be competing against Microsoft Corp., Inc., and Google Inc. in making televisions the digital core of every people’s lives. It is projected that the TV business reaches an estimate of $200 billion internationally by 2017. With this, the company who gains more needs to first strike agreements with cable providers and media companies, who are known to have little motivation to yield valuable revenue streams.

However, Apple will not be releasing a new TV item for 2012.

According to an analyst Craig Moffett, it is not a simple and easy thing for Apple in opposition with how the people view that it’s just an easy story for the company. Moffett affirmed that any idea that Apple could sooner or later introduce its TV system.