New highs for design and performance, iPhone 5

The new iPhone 5 from Apple is now tagged as the best iPhone ever invented. Although this may be true because the new device has reached new highs when it comes to its features and performance. However, tagging it as the best device ever imagined does not necessarily denote that there is no room for more enhancements.

Consumers, fans, as well as critics all over the world got excited when the iPhone 5 launched internationally last week. It got more even excited when Apple said that it is the newest and the best smartphone the world has to offer.

But consumers must get their hands on the device to see and experience for themselves. And a lot of the first-round buyers of the device agree that it is the best smartphone ever offered by Apple. Not just it improved with the design, but also it has improved when it comes to the performance it delivers.

The latest version of iPhone is longer than the previous models with a larger touch screen. The color displays are even brighter compared to iPhone 4 and 4s versions.

When it comes to mobility, iPhone 5 really delivers. Its much thinner than the previous versions and much lighter, which are good points for consumers.

When it comes to performance, the smartphone also delivers with its A6 processor as it has enhanced graphics and dual-core processing. A6 just does a greater job in managing tasks.

Though the improvements are not considered as groundbreaking, the iPhone 5 is still sought-after by a lot of consumers all over the globe.