New iPad Teardown Exposes Parts from Samsung, Broadcomm, and Qualcomm

The New iPad is finally out in the market and just when it kicked-off, there are some hands that just can’t be contented with the softwares and apps, they are more interested with what’s inside – the components.

The “New iPad” utilizes chips manufactured by Samsung Electronics, Qualcomm, Broadcom ,as well as other semiconductor manufacturers, based on a company that opened one of the the latest tablet.

The latest iPad started making sales in Australia on Friday, and one of the fans waiting in line was a staff from California gadget repair company iFixit who quickly toredown one for a blog.

The tablet carries a Qualcomm LTE cellphone chip together with a Qualcomm wireless modem for 4G, as well as 3G of course. Broadcom provides for a semiconductor dealing with wireless jobs such as WiFi and Bluetooth, as outlined by iFixit.

Luke Soules’, iFixit cofounder, at the teardown in a computer shop in Melbourne discovered that Apple providers Broadcom, Samsung, and Qualcomm have managed to keep their key jobs in the latest iPad.

The new A5X application processor, with enhanced graphics power, is based on energy-efficient technology manufactured by Qualcomm and is licensed from Britain’s ARM Holding, as in previous Apple products.

The Cupertino, California-based company does not expose which company manufactures the elements which go into its smartphones and other devices, and demands its providers to keep silent.

Experts suggest to not make conclusions from the “teardowns” because Apple sometimes utilizes several supplier for just a part. What is present in one iPad might not be present in other iPad.

The 3rd-gen iPad from Apple, which drives an HD “retina” screen and includes a better camera, is able to operate on high-speed 4G “LTE”.

A source knowledgeable about the gadget’s elements informed Reuters that Samsung and LG Electronics will certainly supply their LCD’s for the iPad.

iPad’s display taken out using two suction cups, seems to be from Samsung, according to iFixit. The NAND flash memory chip, used to save media, comes from Toshiba. The DRAM chips comes from Japan’s Elpida. The Teardown also

The iPad teardown also exposed chips made by Fairchild, Avago Technologies, and Triquint Semiconductor.