New Playing Options to Top for Upcoming PS4

There will be new playing options for  the upcoming PS4.

According to a source who had talks with Japan-based news outleet, Sony’s rumored PS4 is designed to turn the product into a “living room nerve center.”

Although there are rumors that the PlayStation 4 is something more of a driving force for graphics, there are reports saying that upgrades will be set aside in favor of the more agreeable new playing options. With this, the company will probably plan in creating a mass of new options for playing for its anticipated next console to be revealed on Febraury 20, as rumors say.

For the past few weeks, Sony have been afflicted by rumors that they will be releasing the major upgrade to its PS3. The company is said to have the upgrade included with an eight-core AMD processor and some other key hardware updates. On the other hand, other reports suggest that if the company provides updated and higher-powered components in PS4, then they will not be focusing on the new playing options.

New Playing Options to Top for Upcoming PS4

What do gamers expect with the rumored new playing options?

According to Nikkei’s source, the new console will have the capability to connect with mobile devices and share data across two devices. It has been Sony’s strategy to include multiscreen efforts in its component. One example is their PlayStation Vita which can sync up with PS3 to be able to create dual-screen gaming.

In addition to this, Sony is also speculated for planning PS4 to turn into a so-called nerve center for home entertainment.

Well then, let’s just wait and see until February 20, the rumored date of the revelation of Sony’s PlayStation 4.