New Replacement for New U.S. Supercomputer Project

Cray Inc.The University of Illinois states Seattle-based Cray Inc. is going to take over development of the delayed $300 million Blue Waters supercomputer job, 3 months just after IBM brought out citing expense and technical issues.

Cray wants to get the computer online the coming year, maintaining the project, which happens to be being mainly paid for by the National Science Foundation, on target to complete in time.

“We clearly had to do it real quickly,” according toThom Dunning, the director of National Center for Supercomputing Applications. “NSF’s goal was to keep the project on track as much as it possibly could be.” he added.
The price and funding will remain basically the same, Cray CEO Peter Ungara stated. The NSF will supply approximately $200 million with all the remaining $100 million from the university as well as the state of Illinois. Cray is going to be paid $188 million, the same as about 50 % of of its overall income from the latest fiscal year.

“This is a transformational contract for the company,” according to Ungara. “It’s a very big deal for us. It’s a huge contract based on the size of the company and we couldn’t be more excited about it.”
The structure and scope of what Blue Waters will be able to do in the coming years will change, he also added.

As soon as it’s completed, the supercomputer is going to be utilized for numerous projects, like the study of how tornadoes are created and the way viruses get into cells.