New Sanctions in August for North Korea

United States, after announcing its new sanctions for Pyongyang, is expected to raise other sanctions for North Korea on August. The Obama administration is tightening its efforts by expanding and strengthening its sanctions against the Stalinist regime, especially the nuclear weapons program of N. Korea.

The new sanctions were announced by Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State. Clinton made her announcement during a visit in Seoul, where she and other officials had a meeting with regard to the illegal activities of N. Korea.

Officials in Washington stated that their actions will be ready to be implemented for another two weeks.

US, with their allies like China, are going to travel in Asia to rally support. This will be in August and details of one sanction for N. Korea will be finally presented.

Clinton is expected to go to Vietnam this week. She will have a meeting with Chinese officials to discuss the new sanctions that is targeted to be implemented on August. US will focus on the arms deals and other underground trades used to finance the regime’s nuclear activities.