Photos of Next Generation Nintendo Wii U Leaked in Twitter

Nintendo is surely up to something good for the gamers and fans of the Wii U out there. A photo of the next genaration Wii U is circulating around in Twitter – but after a few moments the original source removed the photo. The tweet is coming from a QA tester for Traveler’s Tales, some report claims it was an accident.

A couple of guys saved the photo like GamesRadar and compared it to the previous model of the Wii U. In the leaked photo, it shows analog sticks which are not available in the previous model – it has circle pads, the start and select buttons moved from the bottom to the side, and of course the mark of the¬† “Wii U” in the lower left.

Next Generation Nintendo Wii U

“That’s a change for the better as the circle pad on the 3DS is great for handhelds, but wouldn’t feel right with a core console game that required analog sticks for twitch-based shooter titles,” according to WebProNews.

The Wii U is said to have a huge controller which is similar a separate portable console, with a camera, motion detection feature, and a touchscreen.

The game console maker is also developing peer-to-peer features on the device so any users can communicate with others using their consoles.