Nexus 7 tab launches in Japan, Google Inc.

On Tuesday, the search engine giant Google Inc. launched its very own Nexus 7 tab computer in Japan. The company targets to take on the iPad device of Apple in one of the most expensive markets all over the globe.

Nexus 7 tab is a 16-GB model that is powered by the newest generation of Android software. The device is available to order at Google Play on Tuesday and will be released in store shelves on the 2nd day of October. The price for the tab computer is $255 or 19,800 yen.

According to Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, the growth of Android is highly demanding, making it hard to keep up with the pace. Statistics show that there are over 500 million users of Android all over the world.

Moreover, Schmidt noted that Google’s survey showed that there is 75 percent of Japanese smartphone users have been using their devices for shopping. This only shows that the industry is growing in Japan. The Android operating system of Google is considered as the mainstay for a lot of Apple competitors in the smartphone industry, which is now spread worldwide.

To keep up with the growth, Google has paid itself with more than $12 billion to acquire the handset business of Motorola Mobility.