All About That Nexus S

The Nexus S is a beautiful, sleek-looking phone, with a 4-inch SuperAMOLED monitor that features an inquisitive yet stylish arc. Completed by Samsung – and extremely alike in its internals to the smash-hit ‘S’ Series – the Nexus S is, in difference, full with no ‘skin’ or subject, so you get the unpolluted, most up-to-date version of Android – 2.3 Gingerbread – right now, in your hand.

As pleasant, rapid and attractive as it is, the Nexus S doesn’t transport much “Wow” to city. If it had been opened 6 months previously, it might’ve had killer capability; but right now it’s obtainable only in the US and the UK – I got one grey-import, as a lot of smartphone purchasers in China appear to do – and its specs are not so burning for the set up of 2011, with dual-core phones from Motorola and LG approximately surely just 3 or 4 months away.

Nexus S(photo via:

Being a quite fresh change to Android (having escaped the war-torn condition of Nokia in only 2008, with a halt in iPhone-land down the technique), the Nexus S will make an overwhelming phone for receiving job done. What I love mainly regarding Android is that it’s huge for allocation/transfer info, which is what I require it for mainly of the point. For example, you take a photo, and you can then “Share” that photo transversely many of your other apps, so that you can add it to a note, or chirp it, within seconds; in the NPR app, you can share an editorial via SMS, or, say, keep it to an Notepaper method app, in the wink of an eye. iPhone surely doesn’t have this included characteristic.

So, in spite of the Nexus S being out of date the day it started, it certain soars with its 1GHz Hummingbird computer, and the plain, ‘stock’ 2.3 OS looks refined and funky in a method that Android hasn’t done earlier than that. Typically, it gets an earpiece maker’s subject to make Android look edible – with HTC, Motorola, Samsung and LG doing the best job of it – but this time about, Google has completed it all by themselves.

Yet, Google journeys itself up here: since the store Android just expose how much job HTC, Motorola, et al, do with their Android subjects, and how lots of modifications and small usability features they put in. Certainly, the Nexus S is thus left with a few astonishing and maddening feature oversights, some great and some minute.