Nintendo DS Hits 50 Million in U.S. Market Sales

Nintendo DSNintendo has reported life long product sales of their popular DS handheld have exceeded 50 million within the U.S.

The statement was made along with consumer research company NPD Group’s monthly tally of video gaming product sales.
Ever since the portable video gaming product released in 2004, Nintendo has sold 273 million games within the U.S., as outlined by NPD data.

In September, Nintendo sold 145,000 DS products as well as an additional 260,000 of the Nintendo 3DS products. The monthly product sales statistics for the 3-D product were up 10% in comparison to August, when Nintendo revealed a substantial price decrease.

The Nintendo DS strikes this milestone as the portable gaming device as well as rival Sony psp face greater levels of competition from games on smartphones and tablet pc’s.

One huge advantage Nintendo enjoys could be the popularity of its first-party application. Later this year, Nintendo will release Mario Kart 7 as well as Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS.

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  1. February 6, 2012 at 12:35 am

    I have DS Lite,It’s the best portable game console produced by Nintendo because it plays both DS and gameboy advanced games .

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