Nintendo Fines $30.2 Million for Patent Infringement Case

Nintendo, a game console maker, was liable for a patent infringement case and was fined with $30.2 million in total damages.

The game maker was said to have used a patent for a 3D technology which requires no 3D glasses in their gaming device called Nintendo 3Ds which was invented by Seijiro Tomita.

According to Reuters, the New York federal jury already ruled and concluded that Nintendo have violated and infringe a patent and awarded the inventor, Seijiro Tomita, the fine which cost the game maker a whopping $30.2 million as compensation.

Seijiro Tomita, a Japanese that used to work with Sony, claimed that he created the patents to make 3D images watchable without having to use a 3D glass, which is common to any 3D device today. Nintendo used this technology and applied it in their game consoles which is also a hit in the sales.

The 3D effect in the consoles are adjustable with just a slider that will make the game come to life.

Joe Diamante, Tomita’s attorney was very thankful to the federal jury for the hard work and diligence about the matter. He also said that it was a great honor to protect both the invention and the inventor.

nintendo 3ds patent lawsuit
The lawsuit started in 2011 when Seijiro Tomita filed a complain against Nintendo. But Scott Lindvall, Nintendo’s attorney, claimed that the console doesn’t have the patents that Tomita invented.