Nintendo Gets $149-Profit for Every Nintendo 3DS Unit

Latest 3DS from Nintendo will be released next week, and that’s quite a big upgrade in the current model, not only because of the glasses-free 3D display but its impressive processor.

Each 3DS console is worth $249.99 in the United States.  Yet we wonder how much the pure profit of the asking price is.  The Eurogamer with a “preliminary” estimate was given by UBM TechInsights, and determined how much money is needed to build a Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo-3dsEach 3DS only costs Nintendo $101 to make.  Yet it isn’t that simple of course.  There may be a profit of $149, but that would count for the invisible costs it takes like publicity, research & development, advertising costs, retailers’ cut, shipping costs and many others.

Being a customer, you may want to point a finger to Nintendo for overpricing each unit of 3DS, but that is just another business technique.

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