Nintendo Reaches a 30-million Sales in US

Nintendo reached 70.9 million sales of its Wiis, its home video console program, worldwide. This sales rate could outdo the sales record of Sony’s 140 million sales for Playstation 2.

Nintendo sold 30 million Wiis in United States alone. This is considered a fast rating sales mark after the release of the console 45 months ago. This made the device the fastest selling game console in the world ever.

Nintendo launched the console on November, 2006 and this was also the time when Sony released their Playstation 3. According to the console’s maker, Nintendo had reached its highest point 15 months after its release, making it the faster than the industry’s best selling game console, Sony.

The major reason why Nintendo’s Wii has become successful is because of its motion sensing controller. This controller allows the user to “control game play by moving a wireless, handheld device. This technology from Nintendo broadens its market to casual gamers who do not want to play on the hardcore type of game opened up by PS3s and Xbox 360s.

The two major competitors of Nintendo also plan to have the motion sensing controller and have announced that they will have an add-on component to their own devices, Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

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