Nintendo Sued by ThinkOptical

Nintendo Sued by ThinkOpticalThe latest dilemma that Nintendo is undergoing now is the lawsuit claiming that Nintendo’s Wii console is stepping the patents that ThinkOptical (the maker of Wavit Remote) filed.

ThinkOptical, the manufacturer of the electronic pointing wand is suing the company Nintendo for its Wii Remote design, arguing about the Wii remote infringes on the Trademark Office’s rejection of elements in former Nintendo-filed patents.

The maker of the Wavit Remote currently handles the patent with a title “Electronic equipment for handheld vision based absolute pointing system”.

As reported by TechCrunch, and in a complaint against Nintendo, ThinkOptical stated “The Nintendo defendants knew or should have known of the objective risk that one or more of their products infringed at least one claim of at least the ’116 Patent.”

ThinkOptical also holds two other patents that they are pointing out in this complaint, namely “’Handheld Vision Based Absolute Pointing System” and the other one is called “’Handheld Device for Handheld Vision Based Absolute Pointing System”

The company adds that the Nintendo’s Wii sensor bar also infringes their patents and not just the Wii Remote console alone. The company also said that the upcoming Wii U console is in infringement too.

Not just the company Nintendo is in the lawsuit, it includes a number of companies like JC Penney, Gamestop, RadioShack, and Nyko Technologies.