Wii U from Nintendo Mounted by Ubisoft

Nintendo Wii UFrench Video game heavyweight, Ubisoft is eager to utilize its power on second-generation of Nintendo Wii U video-game console.

Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft Chief Executive and groups working on titles oriented to the latest console starred at a Nintendo developer’s roundtable at the premier Electronic Entertainment Expo.  “This is certainly a first during my presidenty at Nintendo,” Satoru Iwata, global chief of Nintendo said as he acquainted “a most important partner,” Ubisoft.

The company is currently pouncing on the chance to create game software for Wii U that adds a controller joining a tablet computer-style touchscreen with toggles and buttons utilized for blockbuster shooter or action titles. According to Guillemot, “This controller is so revolutionary we think it will bring a lot of new gamers into the industry, our teams are excited to take advantage of this new console.”

Nintendo did not expose how much it designed to charge for the Wii U when the latest consoles are released to fight with Xbox 360 of Microsoft and PlayStation 3 (PS3) of Sony.  “Assassin’s Creed”, an edition of blockbuster franchise of Ubisoft, will be planned for Wii U, together with an installment in the favorite and Zany “Raving Rabbids” series with shooter game “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon” online.

“Nintendo has proved they can really redefine entertainment and we want to be a part of that,” Hugues Ricour, Senior producer of the Ubisoft team in Singapore carrying “Ghost Recon” said,  This tablet controller gave features like mid-air views from drones, missiles and as well to permit players organize with intelligence or allies.  Claude Langlais, “Ghost Recon technical director said, “All the technology that elite ghost soldiers have you finally put in the players’ hands.”

According to managing director of Ubisoft’s France studios Xavier Poixm “Killer Freaks” is being modified wholly for Wii U consoles.  Poix said, “What we learned collaborating with Nintendo was to showcase the controls.When we realized the potential of what Nintendo was offering by creating a tactile controller, we were off and running immediately.”

Guillemot further said, “When Nintendo launches a new console, it’s always a big milestone for the industry and a great opportunity for creativity, Killer Freaks will make the most of all the fantastic capabilities of the Wii U and provide hardcore players with a gaming experience like no other they have seen or played before,” Guillermot added.

In opening the world of video games to moms, seniors and other “casual” players with the foreword of the first Wii console, Nintendo is already accredited.  Nintendo as well intends to reply back the challenges from Microsoft and Sony previous year, who added action based controls to Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles in that order that swanked of richer imagery and multifaceted action, with Wii U, that has High Definition graphics and original new play styles permitted by tablet formed controllers.