More 3DS Hardware Features from Nintendo

Nintendo did not only drop a Japanese release date and price for the 3DS in a document (PDF) released subsequent to the press meeting, the company features additional of the attributes of the hardware, as well as unanticipated pack-ins.

Between other things, ¥25,000 ($299) will net you a charging cradle, 2GB SD card, telescoping metal stylus and six “paper cards” that are able to be applied for playing the method’s fitted increased actuality games. (The 3DS’ outward-facing 3D camera will notice and restore them in the “scene” with dissimilar 3D objects.)


It will as well do several orderly latest actions. It has backlit features buttons — one of these is the Home button. When pushed, it will talk about an in-game list of options allowing consumers to look through the web, twist Wi-Fi on/off and adjust other locations without going out.

Lastly, there is a breakdown of the incorporated software, which consists of “Nintendo 3DS cameras,” “Nintendo 3DS sound,” Mii Studio,” “Chance Encounter Mii Plaza,” “AR Games” and “Book” (an ebook reader, possibly?). Mii Studio is exclusive in that it permits players to break photos of them to utilize as a foundation for their Mii.