Nissan and NYC Introduces Electric Taxis to be Used in the City

To celebrate the Earth Day, Nissan is joining forces with the people of New York City to introduce new environment-friendly cars to be used as taxis in the city that never sleeps. Six cars from Nissan, the Leaf, is going to be the taxi and will be a test program of mayor Michael Bloomberg. His goal is to make the electric taxis the city’s taxi in 2020.

The program launched earlier today to celebrate Earth Day. The other purpose of this program is to show the New Yorkers, as well as people from other cities, how electric cars can change the world and how reliable these cars can be in some scenarios.

According to the car maker, the Nissan Leaf taxi will have 100 miles, enough to cover the entire 70-mile driver’s shift.

Given the driving ways of the driver and usage of the cab, running out of power is inevitable. To prevent this, the automaker is installing charging stations in some points around the city so drivers can charge up before starting their shifts.

The Nissan Leaf taxi will be released on spring, just ahead of the Nissan NV 200 van debut in this year, too. The NV 200 stand out from the competition last year of the standardize taxi fleet.

nissan leaf taxi in nyc