Nokia Invests on Cameras to get back Customers from Competitors

Nokia’s venture capital arm, Nokia Growth Partners, is planning to invest more in the California-based startup company Pelican Imaging as an attempt to get back customers from top competitors such as Android devices and Apple devices that offers high-end cameras with features and technology that changes picture-taking experience of the users in to a higher level.

This move from the Nokia’s venture capital arm is to encourage the demand of Nokia’s flagship phone line, the Lumia – which handles Microsoft Corporation’s Windows OS – to recover the loss in market share and increase the sales.

The Lumia phone line of the Finland-based company increased its sales in the first quarter of the year to 5.6 million from 4.4 million in the last quarter of 2012.  According to Strategy Analytics, Android-based platforms and Apple’s iOS devices owns the majority of the total market share while Nokia only owns 3 percent. The research group also said that on of the reasons why customers switch to new devices is the camera or the imaging quality. With Lumia’s current camera, this became the reason why they see an increase of sales.

nokia lumia 920 pureview camera

Cameras that uses multiple optics is getting close to being commercialized, Pelican is the company that makes the software of such cameras. According to Bo Ilsoe from the Nokia venture capital arm, “It’s very complicated to do this algorithmically and Pelican is one of the companies that has mastered this technology.”

The Finland-based smartphone manufacturer acquired Scalado, an imaging software maker based in Sweden, last year. They rolled out the amazing 41mp 808 PureView camera and added it in Nokia’s Lumia 920. The venture arm also invested in InVisage Technologies Inc., an image-sensing company, and Heptagon, a micro-optics manufacturer.

Nokia seems going all out in this move with so many imaging companies that they are working with. We are looking forward for the result and to what kind of camera phone will they have in the future.