N8 for Nokia this October

Nokia do not need Android in order to compete in the tablet world, and the company has no intention in competing regarding this matter. This news has recently been dropped by Nokia

Nokia is said to launch N8 in United States this October. N8 is the company’s new leading product for Symbian smartphone. This is considered as a new milestone device which is mainly powered by MeeGo software, which is a Linux-based open source mobile operating system project.

According to Niklas Savander, executive vice president, the N8 is a smartphone priced at “high mid-range.” The new phone is expected in the United States before the end of the third quarter and Nokia will be announcing the carriers in suitable time after its release. The company is expecting an estimate of having 50 million Symbian devices based on the N8 platform.

Features of N8 includes a Symbian ^3 OS, ARM11 680 MHz processor and 3D Graphics HW accelerator for its CPU. It has messaging, a threaded view, MMS, Email and IM. The browser is WAP 2.0, has HTML and RSS feeds. It does have stereo FM radio with RDS and has FM transmitter. It also has GPS and Java.

Nokia did not give much attention with regard to the competition in the tablet world, because as what Savander puts it, “It’s a square thing so it’s hard to differentiate on design, so brand is, of course, number one. You have to think really hard on whether you have the capability to make a difference in that market.”

Savander further added that this new smartphone is the main focus of the company now. There will be other “big focus” that Nokia will be doing in the future.