Nokia Releases Last Meego Phone

Nokia Meego PhoneStephen Elop, Nokia CEO, speaks about the future of Meego based gadgets to those who did not get the message plainly from Nokia. Nokia is going to discard Meego whatever the market response of N9 would be.

These days, Nokia has provided the world fairly a show with their latest astonishing gadgets, which is not normal for Nokia.  From the far behind in the smartphone rivalry, the latest Nokia N9 is showing an indication of development which was essential for Nokia to retrieve in the rivalry.  Yet whatever it may appear, this is not the step Nokia is going to get.  That perhaps could mean no more Nokia Meego phones.

Elop has verified that they will be focused on other platforms instead of Meego, although the only Nokia Meego phone, the N9, turns out to be big hit.  However, he as well talked about the N9 while speaking regarding the discoveries of Nokia. The N9 features some “new breakthroughs related to its usability, design, and materials, which we will be utilizing and developing further in our upcoming models.”   He did not talk about the latest features, although he said that the features will be clear soon.

The most optimistic thing he said about the N9 features is the application framework.  The entire apps of previous Nokia platforms will run in the Meego operated Nokia N9.  Therefore at present, users who are contented with Symbian apps do have a reason to purchase an N9 handset.

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  1. November 25, 2011 at 2:06 am

    I hope they will not stop providing firmware updates to Nokia N9 as they take their way to Windows-based OS.

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