Nokia sees hopeful signs for 2013 profits

Nokia might be falling, but it’s not yet out of the picture.

On Thursday, Nokia has reported its profits for the fourth quarter and offered increased performance for this year.

For the fourth quarter, the company was able to make total earnings of $269 million or 202 million euros, which is a huge gain over the one billion euros it has lost during the same quarter in 2011. The earnings of the company was still produced despite the sinking revenue that dropped down to ten billion euros in 2011’s fourth quarter to just eight billion last quarter.

When looked at its whole year basis, Nokia could only collect about 30.2 billion euros in sales, which is less twenty percent compared to the 38.7 billion euros it had last 2011. The operating earnings for 2012 was down to a loss of 2.3 billion euros compared to the 2011’s loss of 1.1 billion euro.

With its revenue for fourth quarter dropping to 3.9 billion last quarter from six billion euros, the Devices & Services operation of Nokia also took some record highs. However, the sales of that division on a yearly basis were also down to thirty-four percent.

Moreover, this division of the company was improved by a strong performance for the sales of Lumia in the fourth quarter, wherein it made it to 4.4 million units all over the globe. On the other hand, the Smart Devices division of Nokia could only generate about 6.6 million unit sales, which helped the company to realize that it has a decline of 66 percent year-over-year.

Regardless of several hopeful indications that Nokia could have positive marks for this year, the company reported that it is anticipating for its first quarter to be roughly at negative two percent. Nokia further added that it also expects a very competitive industry dynamics to affect negatively to the business units of both Smart Devices and Mobile Phones.


Nokia sees hopeful signs for 2013 profits