Nokia Wins Court Decision Against HTC over Microphone Component

Nokia has been granted an injunction by the court against its rival HTC Corp. Not patent issues this time but against a component that Nokia designed that has been used in the delayed HTC One smartphone.

According to the desicion of the Amsterdam District Court, the microphone component in question is originally invented by Nokia and manufactured by ST Microelectronics exclusively for Nokia only.

According to the Finnish phone manufacturer, they did not give authorization and license to HTC to use their invented component.

The injuction will be in effect unitl March 2014 and will also stop the manufacturer, ST Microelectronics, from selling the mic component to HTC, but we don’t know if other phone manufacturers are included.

nokia microphone component

This decision is an added problem for the Taiwan-based phone maker, which is already struggling for finding components for the very delayed HTC One smartphone.

HTC, dissappointed with the decision said that they will explore any other alternative solutions for this problem immediately.

Both phone manufacturers are losing grounds and decreasing profit in the aggressive smartphone market with the bigger rivals Apple Inc and Samsung – also in a legal battle over patent issues.