North Korea Train Hackers According to Investigators of South Korea Cyberattacks

Investigators are not yet certain who to blame about the synchronized cyberattack that occurred in South Korea last week. But they are also focusing in North Korea which some experts claim that they have been training a group of people to become cyber warriors. Seems they are getting ready to face other nations in a fertile battleground called The Cyberspace.

The attack took down three banks and 32,000 computers and servers over the three South Korean TV networks. It quickly stopped banking and communications for a while. According to investigators, it will take them some time to determine who, when and where the said malware was planted.

There were no solid proof yet pinpointing North Korea as the cyberattack suspect. Investigators traced some malwares coming from a computer in Seoul, and some codes even came from countries in Europe and the US. Some are certain that North Korea has to be blamed because there was a cyberattack in 2009 where Pyongyang was responsible. They even created cybersecurity command in South Korea to protect the hackers from the North.

The U.S. and South Korea believes that North Korea is currently training thousands of students to become hackers for them to take the war in cyberspace. Their skills in cyberattacks are as good as those hackers from South Korea and China.

According to James Thurman, U.S. forces commander in South Korea, “The newest addition to the North Korean asymmetric arsenal is a growing cyber warfare capability,” North Korea will use these hackers to infiltrate and attack U.S. and South Korea, given that these countries are their first enemies.

North Korean hackers

According to Kim Heung-Kwang, students in North Korea are recruited to go the top science schools in their country to train and become hackers or “cyber warriors”. Some of these student hackers are sent to Russia and china to study and expand their knowledge about hacking.

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  1. March 26, 2013 at 9:29 am

    North Korea can not win over South Korea with the military as they try to cyber attack to create response problems. Of course, the staff trained by other Communist countries can benefit from Western countries weakening.

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