North Korea’s Twitter and Flickr Hacked; Photo of Kim Jong Un Having Pig Snout

As the threats from North Korea continues to grow against South Korea and the U.S., hackers are on the move and took over the North Korea’s social media accounts, Twitter and Flickr.

On Thursday, the country’s Flickr and Twitter accounts began posting updates which doesn’t seem to be normal from its previous behavior. With this, experts concluded that the two North Korean social media accounts have been taken over by hackers.

Following this news, a group of hacker claimed and took responsibility. Anonymous, a group of hackers which already made their name because of their hacking activities and compromising big websites.

The photo social network of the country, Flickr, was used to post some photos of mockery about the country and especially to the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un. One photo showed an edited photo of the leader having pig ears and pig snout. While the Twitter account has been used to post links to websites owned by North Korea which which appears to be compromised, too. The North Korea controlled news website,, which is currently offline is one of them.

Anonymous also claimed responsible for infiltrating the Kwangmyong, North Korea’s intranet. But experts say this is not true since North Korea’s Intranet is not connected to the internet so compromising seems to be impossible.

Until now, it seems that the Twitter account of North Korea is still in the hands of the hackers while Flickr appears to be normal again.

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