Norton security suite improves for social engineering attacks

The yearly Norton security suite of Symantec will be delivering an interface modified for Windows 8. However, the new features of the suite address the social and mobile insinuations of the time, with its new operating system this coming October.

The suite is composed of Norton Internet Security 2013, Norton 360 2013, and Norton Anti-Virus 2013, having its new features intended directly to slash off on threats from social engineering such as phishing and scam attacks.

As of the present time, Windows 8 is by now getting a status as the safest Windows version. The senior product manager of Norton, Jerry Egan is not surprised by this outcome explaining that every time Windows is updated by Microsoft, it just raises its bar especially on security features.

The efforts of Symantec are emphasized towards lessening the approaches of phishing and scam attacks. The latest Scam insight captures the browsing data from the Insight network of Norton of unidentified user-supplied data to caution Norton community every time there’s a potentially risky website. In addition to this, the sites will be flagged if they are new or did not yet establish a good status on the web.

Moreover, this new feature will be able to find out whenever a threat is from a frequent source by tracking IP addresses.

There are also enhancements made to the Norton Safe Web and Norton Intrusion Prevention System for apps in Facebook to watch for threats like links to malicious sites and likejacking.

Egan commented that they are regarding social engineering as a broader approach for malwares or other malicious threats get on the system. That is why improvements to the suite also included and highlighted features for social engineering.



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    It is a well equipped software for stop the spamming and get the right time for it.

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