Obama Thinks Promise of US Manufacturing Could be Renewed Through Innovative Technology

Obama at Carnegie Mellon UniversityPresident Obama provided his weekly Internet and radio address at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania on Saturday.  He was involved in a display of mini-robots that could explore sewer and water pipes for cracks and leaks on Friday at Carnegie Mellon.  He specified that this kind of innovative technology can be the urge that renews the promise of US manufacturing.

President Obama further said that cutting-edge technological advances and study has the possible of ending the US’ sluggish job increase. In his address, he said that he had opened a latest proposal that connects corporate, university and governmental interests to look for means to change ideas quickly into helpful products, therefore making the US more viable in the world marketplace and make excellent jobs.

He has visited a quantity of businesses across the nation quoting their commercial endeavors as a straight way to invigorating economic increase.  President Obama, though, faces the 2012 election race with the weakest support ratings ever for the handling of US economic anguishes.

In Saturday’s Republican address, Representative Renee Elmers of North Carolina is not in favor of this scheme.  She specified that an additional comprehensive way to job increase would consist of an obligation that the US government gets into deliberation what effects federal rules have on hiring, the growth of domestic energy product and lessened government regulations.

Elmers has been overwhelmed by demands from businesses in her state who are merely requesting that the government get “out of their way” so they could discover their own means to stimulate the economy.