Obama to Pullout American Troops in Iraq

President Obama, after denouncing of what he called a dumb war in Iraq, plans to make an end on the combat missions of the American troops there. It is Obama’s promise two years ago when he won as US President that he will put an end on the war at Iraq.

This has been a quiet process that is now successfully coming into reality. The American troops have been slowly pulled out of Iraq. This is what the public has missed these past few months since their attention is much focused on the pressing issues of President Obama’s “expansive and hotly disputed domestic agenda.”

According to President Obama, the American troops’ number in Iraq will heavily decrease by the end of this month, from 144, 000 down to only 50, 000. The remaining troops will just be the “advise and assist” contingent in Iraq. They will be just focusing on training and supporting the Iraqi security forces. This also comes with a responsibility in protecting American personnel and facilities and “mounting counterterrorism operations.” The 50, 000 American troops will be expected to leave Iraq by the end of 2011.

In a speech to the Disabled American Veterans in Atlanta, President Obama emphasized that his promise is soon to happen, on time. Obama says, “Shortly after taking office, I announced our new strategy for Iraq and for a transition to full Iraqi responsibility. And I made it clear that by August 31, 2010, America’s combat mission in Iraq would end. And that is exactly what we are doing – as promised, on schedule.”Obama to Pullout American Troops in Iraq

This appearance of the US President to the American Veterans is one of his ways to show the public that the mission of ending the war at Iraq and sending back home the American troops is slowly pushing through.