OLED TV’s will be the Next Option This Year

LG OLED TVThe choice of flat-panel TVs for years have been between lcd and plasma. Next year, there will be another option, well for all those willing to shell out big.

LG Electronics states it is preparing to promote a 55-inch set based upon pure OLEDS or light-emitting diodes. The company is set to exhibit it off in the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which will start on Jan. 10.

LG’s Korean rival, Samsung Electronics Co., will likely expose a market-ready OLED TV in the exhibit, as outlined by 3 people who have information about the matter. They talked on condition of being anonymous due to the South Korean company has yet to come up with an announcement. CES announcements will be on Jan. 9, according to its website.

LG’s USA arm director Tim Alessi, stated its set will probably be available on sale in the 4th quarter. The firm is not unveiling the retail price yet.

Analyst Paul Gagnon from DisplaySearch, anticipates that OLED TV sets will begin over $5,000.