Opera to acquire Skyfire Labs for about $155M

Skyfire Labs, a company that deals with mobile video optimization and mobile cloud solutions, has now been acquired by Opera.

Skyfire Labs is more popularly known for its Rocket Optimizer software. With the combination of these two companies, joint productions will be offered. This comes also with an announcement that the Web Pass of Opera is one of the primary focuses of the company.

The deal between the two companies is expected to be final before the 15th of March.

The Rocket Optimizer software is providing mobile operators with a method to improve the user’s video delivered over mobile data networks when traffic is increased. With the use of this software, there will be an increased capacity by sixty percent on the average. This is pulled off by decreasing the content’s size. This can be utilized when users are having issues with the quality or with connecting to the content.

Opera to acquire Skyfire Labs for about $155M

The software can fix common problems experienced by the users, especially with streaming videos and audio are minimized, like stalled buffering, delayed start times, and rebuffering.

Moreover, Skyfire also is offering another product named Skyfire Horizon, which is an extension for mobile browsers, allowing for customization.

The acquisition is said to be involving a $50 million cash consideration and $26 million in escrow, which consisted of earn-out payments based on performance.