Latest OS X Lion Build

If you are a follower of Apple you have certainly heard at this moment that the center of WWDC this year will allegedly not be hardware however the OS X Lion operating system for Macs and iOS for the iPhone and iPad.  Actually, the initial edition of Lion that was presented up for devs to look into had many bugs in it. Apple is moreover said to believe this latest manufacture to be a GM1 revision.

That initial submission stayed just the way it was for a month and now TechCrunch reports that Apple has place a latest updated edition of the OS up for devs to download and aim another time by means of the Mac App Store. Standard geeks can’t acquire the OS, it’s merely for developers.

OS X Lion Build

The innovative edition of Lion that was presented was 11A390 and the latest edition that is up as of this moment is 11A419 so in that month time there have been a lot of amendments. TechCrunch considers this isn’t the golden master copy that will be makes as we are thus far out form WWDC and that is where Lion is anticipated to be opened or at least a RC will be handed out.

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