OS X Lion, Now Available For Downloading

Mac-OS-X-Lion-10.7-Installer-IconHaving so far reported a blowout quarter, Apple Inc. started selling its newest operating system, Lion, as a download for $30 on Wednesday.

The company as well updated its MacBook Air computers with latest processors, a backlit keyboard and Thunderbolt technology, which brings data 20 times more rapidly than present processor.  The MacBook Air prices to $999 and above.

Apple as well released a Mac mini with latest Intel core processors, with Thunderbolt and the Lion operating system; it starts at $599.00.

Lion, on the other hand, is the talk of the town for many Apple supporters, as it is the first personal-computer operating system for the so-named post-PC era.

The rise of smartphones and tablets, guided by Apple’s own iPhones and iPads, has done more than just eat into sales of desktops and laptops.  It’s made the mouse appear obsolete by letting users interact with gadgets and data through a touch interface instead of a pointing gadget.

Apple introduced the mouse with the original Mac. Lion places the rodent to rest.

The upgrade process of Lion is planned to be smooth and comparatively quick.  Downloading it over a cable-modem connection and installing will get around 45 minutes.  Product keys or serial numbers to enter is not required.

One purchase enables you to install Lion on each Mac you own.  Apple will sell Lion on a USB drive for $69 in the following month.