OS X Lion Supports Nuance Voice Recognition

nuance voice recognitionWe heard previous month that Apple was discussing with Nuance to carry voice recognition to iOS 5.  Appears that partnership might have formed, as clues of voice recognition software of Nuance were reportedly found in OSX Lion and the newest internal iOS build.

MacRumors discovered a little iOS screenshots posted on twitter by hacker/tech enthusiasts @Chronic and @SonnyDickson that show on/off switches for “Nuance Dictation,” “Nuance Long Endpoi…” and “Mic on space key.”

Voice acknowledgment software can be a center function of future iOS releases if the screenshots are genuine.  The feature would create operating system of Apple more competitive with Android, which previously sustains voice recognition software.

9to5Mac in May observed new voice choices in system of Lion preferences that it believes is Nuance’s RealSpeak software of Nuance.  The website was expecting for a joint proclamation among Apple and Nuance and WWDC. That clearly did not occur.

It appears secure to presume that Apple is at least speaking with Nuance.

It all depends on how dependable these sources are.  MacRumors appears to stand following @ Chronic and @Sonny Dickson speaking the two have “been known to have legitimate sources in the past.”