OTA TouchPad Carries webOS 3.0.2

HP-TouchPad-may-get-webOS-3.0.2-update-this-week-new-apps-performance-tweaks-en-routeHP has started shoving out its OTA TouchPad update as anticipated, carrying webOS 3.0.2 to the 9.7-inch tablet.  The latest firmware boosts performance and dependability, HP claims, in addition to boosting attachment rendering speed in the email app and jerking how punctuation is automatically added in when you type words like “can’t.”

There are as well speed boosts to the calendar app, streamlining the process when adding new events and searching through existing appointment.  Album art in the music app is re-hopped and there is apparently less possibility of hopping when the 1.5 GHz dual-core processor is filled elsewhere.  Likewise the photo/video viewer presentation has been stabilized, and you could now set desktop wallpaper directly from the gallery.

OTA update must not delete some of your data as it works its magical; if you desire to recognize precisely what will happen, HP has laid out the entire information.