OWC to ship SSD modules for Retina MacBook Pro

On Tuesday, the Other World Computing which is the long-time accessory maker for Mac computers, announced that it will be starting in shipping the first ever third-party SSD modules for the Retina MacBook Pro of Apple on the 21st day of August.

Apple has released the Retina MacBook Pro with SSD-only drive options last June. However its SSD modules use a form factor and proprietary connector. With the latest SSD modules, the pre-orders for its 480GB Aura Pro are now accepted.

Originally, the SSD model is only available with a 256GB for $2,199, which became predominantly frustrating for early customers. For a customer to obtain a 512GB or 768GB SSD module for Retina MacBook Pro, they are forced to order higher-end models. However, Apple has previously loosened up that limitation. The company has allowed the customers to tweak the capacity of the module by using expanded build-to-order options. Therefore, the entry-level of $2,199 have the possibility to have an upgrade.

According to the OWC founder and Chief Executive Officer Larry O’Connor, they have been receiving important feedbacks from customers that the 256GB do not provide sufficient capacity for the gadget.

OWC is now offering a 480GB for $579.99. The upgrade for the 512GB of Apple amounts up to $500.