Pac-Man + Tournament Free in Android

One of the most played classic game of all time has finally made its way to the Android smartphones, and it is FREE!

Pac-man + Tournaments, this game is a faithful version of the best classic arcade game in the 80s. The game has 259 levels and includes a tournament mode with different mazes and allows you to keep track of the achievements for a more modern touch.

The classic Pac-man is playable in portrait or landscape mode in the phone, and a virtual joystick is used for directions. Difficulty levels are also available which makes it even more interesting.

For the tournament mode, you will have to register for an ID in Bandai Namco. After the registration, you can play the tournament right away and earn tokens. Tokens are used to purchase another levels of tournaments. If you are eager to have the additional tournaments, you can purchase tokens starting at 99 cents for 10.

Like other free games, Pac-man + Tournament is also incorporated with ads which can be distracting at times but if you want to get rid of this, you can purchase the game for 99 cents, no ads for a month.

No ads for good? then it’s just $4.99.

Pac-Man + Tournament android

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  1. March 28, 2013 at 4:58 am

    I like this game. I have played this game lot of times in my Samsung Android mobile phone. This is amazing and I enjoyed to play this. Great to read this article post.

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