Rod Carew

Rod Carew, known to be the best baseball player in his era, was awarded at the All-Star Fanfest with a Hispanic Heritage Hall of Fame along with the late Roberto Clemente. Carew was inspired by Roberto Clemente to be the best in his field—baseball. To Carew, it was a dream came true when he met Clemente. Five years before Clemente died, Carew was able to play against the so-called baseball icon of all Latinos, and for him it was really a great honor.

During the awarding, Carew was with Clemente’s widow, Vera. Along with them were some of the big names of baseball like Orlando Cepeda, Manny Mota, and Juan Marichal.

Carew would remember Clemente as the one who serves as the inspiration to all Latin baseball players. Clemente never fails to remind the players to be better and to become more responsible, not only in playing in the field, but also in the way they live their lives.

According to Carew, if the youths of today would be as persevering as Clemente was, then everything that can be done and will be done is all worth it.