Patent Case between Microsoft and Google is Finally Clear

The battle between tech giants, Microsoft Corporation and Google Inc., over patent issues finally put on a stop.

According to a trade judge, he stated that the game console, Xbox video gaming system, did not violate or infringe the patents that Google’s Motorola Mobility unit made.

Judge David Shaw from the U.S. International Trade Commision is clearly siding with Microsoft Corp. in this case. But his conclusions are the not final yet and still subject to review by the panel-of-6-commission, which has the ability to stop the the imports of products that violates the patents in the U.S.

In a statement released by David Howard, Microsoft’s corporate VP, he said that they are very happy with the rulings of the Administrative Law Judge’s findings that their company did not infringe patents of Google’s Motorola Mobility. He also mentioned that they are confident that this will be affirmed by the Commision.

Microsoft and Google

While in Google’s side, spokesman Matt Kallman said that they are very disappointed with the ruling today and will just look forward to the review of the Commission.