Paul Allen Denies Plotted Revenge Against Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has said that his future book ‘Idea Man‘ is technology history, not a censure of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates.

Allen protected his latest book that seems dangerous of Gates’ achievement, saying it was destined as a significant slice of technology history and not as vengeance against Gates.

“It’s not about revenge. I just felt it was like an important part of technology history and I should tell it like it happened. I hope people understand and respect that,” as saying, the Fox News extracted Allen.

Paul Allen

Allen left Microsoft in 1983, and wrote the book in 2009 while under medication for cancer.

Allen said the book’s timing should not dull the high-profile assistance work Gates has been doing.

“The timing had nothing to do with the many wonderful things Bill has done. The timing was because I wanted to see if I could do it and hopefully be alive to see it published,” said Allen.

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