Penny Hardaway in Miami Heat

Hardaway is a former NBA player. His expertise on field includes small forward, shooting guard and point guard. He became a part of the Orlando Magics, Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat. It was said that the most productive year of his basketball career was when he was doing his stint in the Magics team. In 2007, he was released by the Heat. This was due to the injuries he got that became a reason of his ineffectiveness in the games.

After more than two years of being out of the basketball courts, Hardaway comes back to restart his career. The Heat is now full packed. With Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in the team, the Heat is ready to fire again. This is also a good chance for Hardaway to come back and bring his basketball career rolling.

According to Hardaway, his health is now okay. His injuries are already cured and he’s ready to play the game again. He stated that he is not looking after the maximum minutes that he’ll be playing. A few minutes in the game is by now good for him.

While this is being discussed, the Heat organization has not yet responded to the possibility of having Hardaway back in their team.