Pentagon will Grant Approvals for DoD Employees to Use iPhones and Samsung Smartphones

The two largest smartphone maker and great rivals Apple and Samsung is soon to be cleared and granted security approvals by the Pentagon so they can be used by the employees of Department of Defense. The Pentagon is prepping so Samsung smartphones and Apple’s iPhone can access their system.

According to reports and people knowledgeable about the matter, the Department of Defense will see the security approvals in the coming weeks for the Galaxy smartphone line by Samsung, iPhones and iPad tabs by Apple Inc.

The Department of Defense’ security clearance is particularly for Apple’s previous software iOS 5 and the iOS 6 which is currently being used by most iPhones and iPads. iOS 5 however is subject to hardware modification and will only be given a clearance “as needed”.

This approval that will be given to the employees of Department of Defense will require Apple and Samsung a strict security assessments. Apple shows confidence with their current security for iOS. Encryption in their iMessage app is said to have a tight security strong enough to prevent DEA.

We have reported before that iPhones and iPads are already used in some government agencies and military divisions but the certification from the headquarters of US Department of Defense will control the use of these devices and will only allow these in more critical areas.

On the other hand, Samsung is also making some actions in further developing the security in their smartphones so they can be suitable for government employees and business use. The smartphone manufacturer is reported to currently developing a rugged model of the recently released Galaxy S4 so usage in outdoor activities will not be a problem – this would be suitable for soldiers on the field.

pentagon grants clearance for samsung and apple

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    This is the good news for DoD employees. Congress them for that..

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