PlayStation Vita from Sony Competes with Apple’s iPod Touch

PlayStation VitaIn a keynote at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Sony announced that its next-generation gaming gadget, officially called the PlayStation Vita, will price $250 when it comes in the U.S. presently this year.

Sony gaming boss Kazuo Hirai clued that the next generation of the PlayStation portable handheld gaming gadget would learn from the success of the Apple with touch-based controls and casual gaming.  Sony revealed the gadget, after that codenamed the Next Generation Portable, which features a 5-inch OLED touchscreen and front and rear touch pads in January.

As noted by MacNN, Tokyo, Japan-based electronics huge proclaimed that the NGP will be formally called the PlayStation Vita.  The PS Vita will sport a quad-core processor and quad-core graphics, with double analog sticks and front and rear cameras.

Sony as well exposed a violent cost of $250 for the Wi-Fi just edition.  AT&T will associate with Sony to launch the 3G PlayStation Vita in the U.S. for $300, with access to more than 20,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots.  The gadget is planned for release in time for this holiday season of this year.

Dan Ernst, a Hudson Square research analyst said, “That’s fine for core gamers who want to play games all the time, but it’s too expensive for the mass market.”

The worth of iPod touch of Apple is $229.  On the other hand, Apple will have a possibility to reply, as the company is anticipated to release a modernized version of the iPod touch in a while this year.

Other major mobile gaming competitor of Sony, Nintendo, as well presents its Nintendo 3DS gaming system for #250.  However, after the first wave of early adopters this spring, 3DS sales dropped off to “lackluster at best,” according to the reports of Wall Street Journal.  Satoru Iwata, Nintendo President advised in April that sales of the gadget has deteriorated, with only 194,000 systems being sold in the U.S. that month, contrasted to 400,000 units in the first week of accessibility in March.

Games demoed during Sony’s keynote included LittleBigPlanet, Street Fighter vs. Tekken, Ruin, Wipeout 2048 and Uncharted.

Currently, Sony Ericsson launched the Xperia Play, an Android-based PlayStation phone destined to fight with the iPhone for smartphone gaming.