Podracing Included In the Kinect Star Wars

star-wars-kinect-pod-racing-s-150x125According to a report there was no lack of Star Wars announcements from Comic-Con this year in San Diego, also revealing a restricted edition Star Wars themed Xbox 360, Microsoft, LucasArts and Terminal Reality as well declared the addition of a Podracing campaign for the forthcoming Kinect Star Wars.

This mode is set to comprise 9 different Podracers and about 20 different pods, counting other vehicles from the Star Wars universe.  As with the Jedi Destiny campaign, which will use motion regulators of Kinect to permit the player to exercise a Lightsaber and utilize Force powers, the Podracing will be totally motion controlled, using signs to maneuver the pods making an experience designed for Star Wars followers who are not essentially familiar with video games.

Kinect Star Wars is definitely in difference with other current Star Wars games like The Force Unleashed and the forthcoming The Old Republic, an online role playing game intended at more hardcore gamers.  The family friendly feel of Kinect Starwars guarantees it will feel right at home amongst the many other casual games already available for Kinect.

Also announced was the official Star Wars themed Xbox, designed to appear like R2-D2, with a gold CP30 Controller.  The console has as well been proved to feature R2-D2 noises when it is turned on and the disc tray is opened.  It will distribute in a bundle that as well consists a white Kinect Sensor, with a copy of the game, which is set for release in December.  Other Kinect titles set for a Christmas release including Dance Central 2 and Sesame Street:  Once Upon a Monster.